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Speed gates

In an era where time is a rare commodity, organizations and public places are looking for innovative solutions to increase security and optimize the entrance and exit of visitors in buildings, Speed gates have proven to be a powerful tool in access control systems, they provide efficient and secure entry and exit management. In the current article we will talk about the advantages and applications of speed gates, how they revolutionized the world of access controls and their contribution to smoother entry and exit in buildings.

Effective management of visitors' entrances and exits:

When it comes to the rate of people entering and leaving the building, speed gates offer a significant improvement over other gates such as turnstiles or other manual entry systems. The speed gate is equipped with advanced sensors and fast mechanisms, and it allows fast passage for passers-by. Whether it is speed gates in office buildings, stadiums, transportation hubs, or other densely populated areas, speed gates enable efficient movement, reduction of the bottleneck phenomenon, and reduction of traffic congestion.

Enhanced security:

Security is an extremely important matter for any building or gathering place. Speed gates provide an important layer of access control, ensuring that only authorized people can enter areas that require access. Speed gates can be combined with different authentication methods such as: proximity cards, biometrics, and QR code. These authentication methods increase security measures, and also makes it possible to prevent unauthorized persons from entering places with limited access.

Prevention the passage of several people together

in the same gate:

One of the prominent features of speed gate is their ability to prevent the passage of several people at the same time through one gate. Such a situation for example: a person who does not have a permit to pass through the speed gate tries to cling to a person who has a pass and enter together with him. Then Advanced sensors detect that several people are trying to pass through a single passage at the same time, at such a time the alarm will work and the gate will block the passage of those people.

Custom design and integration:

Speed gates offer design flexibility and integration options, making them very suitable for different environments. The speed gates can be adjusted according to the branding and visual identity of the building, so that they blend in with the environment in which it is located. Moreover, speed gates can be connected with other security systems, such as security cameras and an application for access controls, which creates a comprehensive and connected security infrastructure with several systems at the same time.

Friendly user experience:

While speed gates take care of building security, they also aim to provide a comfortable user experience. With their modern and sleek design, these gates remove barriers and create an inviting entrance. The intuitive interface and sensors ensure a smooth and effortless transition for people with access permission. Furthermore, the fast operation of the speed gates reduces waiting time and increases comfort for passers-by.

Maintenance and operational efficiency:

Speed gates have been designed with high durability and minimal maintenance. The structure of the gates is designed to withstand different and harsh environmental conditions, which ultimately requires less repairs in the long run. In addition, the speed gates can be connected to management systems, which allow real-time monitoring and automatic reporting of data on the number of visitors who entered and left the building.

Speed gates have revolutionized the field of access control and pedestrian management by combining security, efficiency, and user-friendly design. From improving security measures and preventing unauthorized access to optimizing the flow of visitors and reducing traffic congestion of visitors in the building. These gates offer several advantages in various industries and public places. As technology continues to advance, speed gates will evolve in several stages, by combining capabilities such as facial recognition and artificial intelligence. By adopting speed gates systems, organizations can create safe environments with a smooth flow of employees, visitors, and customers.

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