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Smart Parking Lots Technology  

Smart Parking Lot

Our company's mission is to offer a parking experience that is sustainable, intelligent, and secure. To achieve this goal, we have developed HomiSmart Green - an advanced parking lot technology that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor lots, regardless of whether they operate on a subscription or pay-per-use model.

Greener & Safer 

Upon your arrival, our advanced license plate recognition camera and smart parking terminal will provide you with seamless assistance. The camera will promptly identify your license plate, while the terminal will request your phone number. Subsequently, you will receive an SMS containing a link to all the relevant information for your arrival, thereby eliminating the need for paper documents.

Businessman Driving a Car

Arrive to the parking lot

The camera will 
your licence plate

Enter your phone number

Get SMS with the details

Driver Using Phone

Smart and Easy

Upon arriving at the exit checkpoint, the terminal will present you with all relevant parking information and request that you insert your credit card. Upon completion of this step, the gate will open and your receipt will be updated in your SMS link. Our advanced algorithm provides significant benefits to parking lot renters, visitors, and owners alike, by optimizing asset utilization and reducing operating costs and efforts.

icons-exit parking.png


credit card

The gate
will open

Get your

Control and Manage from your smartphone

Control and Manage

Homismart  system technology enables parking management as part of the integrated system in the smart building.

  • A  friendly and easy-to-use  Application management interface  

  • Option to integrate sensors for real-time status on free or busy parking for all users.

  • Integration of smart building with existing parking management systems 

  •  Integrating LPR cameras for analyzing and identifying image and video license plates The video processing capability is performed in real time

  • Checking the license plate of an incoming vehicle against the data base

  • Ability to manage companies and subscribers.

  • Display the car park occupancy through the app

  • Opening a gate for licensed and casual vehicles ,Generating reports: entrances and exits of vehicles

  • Inviting guests using Homismart QR code.

Smart interactive signage for parking lots

Homismart offers a smart parking solution that includes dynamic LED displays showing real-time parking availability. This helps customers find parking quickly and easily, improving their overall parking experience. Additionally, Homismart provides detailed information on the number of available parking spaces at each level the parking complex, and can guide visitors to the appropriate parking spot using sensors and control monitors.


A diverse range of signage and guidance options are available, including displaying the available parking spots in the complex. The targeting and sign-up options for homismart systems can be adjusted based on customer interest and budget.

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