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Smart Electricity for Everyone

Homismart is active in the field of smart electricity for residential and office projects and is a leader in technological innovation in the field of managing smart homes and buildings. Homismart's smart electricity technology enables very effective operation and control, thus optimizing energy and electricity expenses. In addition to that, it is also important that you know that all Homismart electrical accessories support 16 ampere without the need for infrastructure and all from one easy-to-use app.

Smart Home

Aircondition control

smart lights control

Smart  shutters control

Set timers

Smart Boiler


Wireless smart home

Conserving energy

Meni Central Unit

HomiSmart’s smart electricity begins with Meni- a central unit connected to the WIFI network and is solely responsible for managing up to 60 smart switches & outlets, runs on 2.4 GHz RF radio signals like WiFi frequency. The installation of Homismart's smart electrical system in your project will turn your project into a smart project that, apart from the added value for the tenants, will also have the branding meaning of building with advanced technology, green construction, a current and quality project!

How Smart Electricity Will Improve Your Quality of Life?

And what about the app? The easiest and most friendly for everyone! Remote activation from anywhere and anytime, all in one place!

The application is adapted to each user and you don't even have to open it to turn on the electricity.

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