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Smart Electricity for Everyone

Today, the transition to a smart home is simpler and more practical, our smart power system based on smart outlets & switches that replace the regular ones and is great news for anyone interested in changing a new or existing structure into a smart one! Without changing the electrical infrastructure in your home or office and with no need for long, tiresome, and expensive planning, simply download the HomiSmart app, choose the smart outlet or smart switch you desire and that's it ... Welcome to our smart home family!

Smart Home

Aircondition control

smart lights control

Smart  shutters control

Set timers

Smart Boiler


Wireless smart home

Conserving energy

Meni Central Unit

HomiSmart’s smart electricity begins with Meni- a central unit connected to the WIFI network and is solely responsible for managing up to 60 smart switches & outlets, runs on 2.4 GHz RF radio signals like WiFi frequency .

How Smart Electricity Will Improve Your Quality of Life?

Everyone is busy, and still our homes are extremely important to all of us. You will be surprised to discover how using the HomiSmart app allows you to be at home even when you are not... The ability to completely operate your home is in the palm of your hand, giving you time to enjoy the things that are truly important ...

Our free app is simple and flows naturally, it supports 14 languages... young or elder technical and none technical we thought of you all in our app design to easily meet all your specific needs and wishes .

With the HomiSmart app you can create a number of home/office based automatic scenarios

Possible Scenarios

Morning Scenarios

Instead of continuing with routines, such as turning on lights, opening curtains and even waiting for the hot water for your morning coffee, you can use the HomiSmart app to ensure that these tasks simply occur on their own at your preferred times. Upgrade today to HomiSmart's smart switches & outlets and get used to waking up in the morning to the intoxicating scent of coffee...

a woman waking up using homismart application
possible settings - homismart
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