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Operate HomiSmart Devices

Frequently asked questions are listed questions and answers


Can I add more smart sockets switches to the home?

Our main unit can operate up to 60 smart socket and they can be bought directly from our online shop. If need bigger qty of devices please consider buy another main units.


Can I plug the socket to air condition unit?

Our socket are designed to be used according to the manual of each device - pay attention to not exceed the maximum load limits listed in there. 


The socket got broken and I am not sure if  it can be used, is there any replacement parts ?

Our sockets are leaving the factory after testing and if damaged for your safety please do not use them and order new socket to replace the damaged ones


I can't control the main unit from outside what is the possible reason?

Please firstly check that your internet connection in home is working well then check to see main unit is with a range that can communicate with your home router then look at the blue led see if it is working constantly –if not please do Wi-Fi settings as per the user manual .


Can I add main unit to the home without internet?

To operate and control HomiSmart devices there need to have internet connection and your home\office router need to be with password protected .for the manual operation meaning without the internet and apps you can install and push manually at home the sockets and switches were designed to work also when no internet connection but for smart features to be enabled there need to be good stable internet connection.


I have big home/office Can I add more smart switches to the home?

Our main unit is currently supporting well 60 devices operation in bigger homes \offices area you can add more main units to help control more devices smoothly .


Is it allowed to use HomiSmart products in wet area like showers and outdoor?

Our product were designed and tested with very strict safety regulations tests and as it involves electricity you must read and follow the instructions of each product .only product that specifically written that it are allowed to be used as outdoor wet environment can be used in such wet area all others are designed to be used inside dry home \office buildings.



I read there are several technologies for wireless operation which technology are you using in HomiSmart range?

Our product are based on 2.4 ghz frequency similar to your home Wi-Fi that is commonly spread and approved globally for more detailed explanation read on our Z2RF technology in the support section .


I have some concerns where is the best place to position the main unit for best coverage of the home devices what is the recommended position?

Our suggestion here is to position the main unit in the middle of the space you want to control so that it will have good connection to your home router and also be able to communicate well with devices you install at home.
Rooms with reinforced cement walls are reducing significantly the wireless signals compared to regular walls so better not to position the main unit in such rooms.


How do I know if there is good wireless communication between the main unit and the installed devices?

Our smart devices indicates with the blue light led the communication status – if the blue led is constantly lighted it means the device is paired well with the main unit and the wireless signal is not disturbed for your smooth wireless operation, note that the switch and sockets devices were designed so that even if the wireless communication is not well you will still be able to operate all the sockets and switches manually by pushing the buttons manually on the devices.


I moved to other home –can I use the previously installed HomiSmart devices and main unit in the new home?

Our devices and main unit can be used from different locations but need to pay attention – if you changed the home/ office router to new location you will need to redo Wi-Fi settings stage with our app and main unit in the new location.


Would it be possible to control my devices throught HomiSmart outside my home?, for example, controling my garden lights from 10 kilometres away?. Or switch on my home heater when I leave my job?


Definitely yes !  Homismart technology allows you to control our HomiSmart devices from any place in the world .

The communication is happening via our APP (iOS or android ) connecting to our main unit "MENI " from your internet router and then from "MENI" it get connecting to any of our devices enabling you to operate them on /off and also get to know the electricity usage of each device connected to our smart sockets and smart switches ("INA" ,"WALLY" ,"SAM" ) .


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