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 HomiSmart Integration Technology Solution

Buildings nowadays are becoming more and more advanced with many technologies implemented to help maintain the building in daily routine. Among the smarter equipment’s  combined and installed in buildings we can see : access controls /intercom systems, smart cameras for security ,smart cameras for parking lots with gates at entrances , sensors for sensing many different equipments helping to alert on water damages, gas, fire ,and different  sensors for different equipments in the building , the more advanced and normally newer the building then the more advanced equipment installed in the building to help maintain and monitor the building.

The different equipments we described above normally gets to be monitored and managed by a person that can come from different background like where there are: the building manager, the building technician, the building electrician or the building plumber … in bigger buildings / projects we normally meet a team of all of these persons in charge of the daily operation and maintenance of all the technologies.

Manage buildings/towers involves multiple technologies which

requires easy and user-friendly integrated management system

smart building systems

So what is the added value HomiSmart technology offering? 

The major operational need that such buildings management is lack off  is that there is a strong need for easy /user friendly technology to help control and synchronize all the different technologies into one integrated solution to help monitor and manage and take action to the different systems combined in the buildings within a cost effective budget .The real GAME CHANGER in such daily routine is to firstly be alerted in real time and then to be able to take the alerts and help when there is any malfunctioning or crisis matter and transform this input into actual action taken in real time so that all the responsible team not only see the different equipments and monitor them in real time but also are able to take action when needed and remotely even when they are not in the building they can operate the crisis with the different technologies from one platform of HomiSmart  .

This is where HomiSmart technology stepping in:
The different technologies nowadays can be monitored and operated but the persons that need to monitor so many technologies they must have better tools to succeed in their tasks.

HomiSmart App 
allowing different permissions and different 
abilities to the persons in charge helping the 
building maintenance to become much efficient 
and helping to reduce significally the damages 
when occurring with remote controlling on time.

homismart's app

Homismart as the backbone of the buildings making them smarter & easier 

to manage helping save costs for electricity, energy and many more features. 

How do we start the process? 

First and very important stage is the stage where the all building technology is being well defined and screened with its benefits and weakness ,then HomiSmart team discuss with the customers team on the daily routine ,the age of the systems installed ,the team that today is occupied to maintain the building ,then upon analyzing all inputs and routine, HomiSmart team help create the dedicated tools that eventually helping not only to be alerted on problems but also taking actions immediately when happening, this ends with best managed buildings that are cost effective to be managed and avoidance of severe crisis when a malfunctioning technology is being observed. What if the technology and devices that are installed in our building are not supported by HomiSmart? HomiSmart technology is enabling to monitor and to control many technologies and devices that are well spread all over the world but indeed occasionally we meet systems and technologies that requiring additional work efforts from engineering team to enable control and synch with their alerts to be able to take action when needed – this is one of our major benefits as our skilled engineering team are very experienced with hundreds of projects with more than  25 years experience on such devices and technologies so that no matter what is your existing installed technology we will know to help make it better monitored and easier from any place in the world to be able to control it when needed.

Among the fields of operation the HomiSmart technology offers are the: 
1.Electricity controlling and energy saving – with HomiSmart the building gets more efficient managed ending with about 30% save on energy usage.
2.Water consumption /water damages prevention and management.
3.Sensors for different fields (gas /fire/safety) 
4.Intercoms / Access controls.
5.Speed Gates, destination control with elevators integration.
6.Towers blinds – for more advanced towers with energy control.
7.Parking lots – parking lots managements systems with algorithm to help 
maximize the parking lots  efficiency for the tenants.                               

8.Security cameras – different types for different needs all able to be monitored and operated from HomiSmart dashboard and applications, suitable for a control room and guards stations ,no matter what is your preferred security cameras brand HomiSmart supporting most of the leading brands ending with safer and easier to see and take action when needed. 
9.Controlling the needs for cleaning the site according to the daily traffic in the building areas

10.Safety matters like counting people and other safety matters important to your buildings and tenants.


All above and many more technologies can /already implemented in your buildings,
HomiSmart technology will make the difference with your daily operations to be performed from one management dash board with abilities to also controlling technologies and devices not as currently happening in many buildings by separate multiple applications that are very hard to manage but from one centralized backbone management system critical for any building management !


When is the right time to approach HomiSmart?  The sooner the better! 
Do not wait for the crisis to happen, mechanical and electronics and water systems are tending to be broken at some point and then if not being monitored and treated well and promptly the costs that are waiting for you will be significant – this is exactly where HomiSmart integrated solutions helping you! 

whether the building is existing one or it is in the planning stage considering and implementing technologies that will gain benefits for the buildings which are also easy and cost effective for the maintenance stages is very important .

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