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Smart Boiler

Today, more and more families understand that proper management of a household begins with efficient and cost-effective consumption of energy at home. One way to achieve this is by monitoring the use of appliances that consume a lot of energy. One of the heaviest energy consumers is our electric water heater.

  • monitor & control from anywhere in the world

  • Option for manual operation

  • Saving electricity using timers

  • Friendly application

  • Easy and fast installation

homismart's application

The water heater is considered to be one of the largest energy inefficiencies and can reach an average cost of approximately 500$ per year!

In order to avoid this unnecessary waste, we developed the Ina boiler smart switch which turns any ordinary electric water heater into a Smart boiler and provides a perfect solution for those who aspire to have full control over their electric bill, in addition to providing:

Easy-to-use app

Option for manual operation

Timers for saving energy

Control from anywhere

Easy installation

Advantages of using a Homismart boiler switch

Full 24/7 control

With a smart electric heater The sad situation in which someone forgot to turn off the water heater will look like a distance memory... Simply, one click from the smartphone - and close it. Turn on the water heater from the car on the way back... it's no longer a dream!

Schedule and set timers

Turn on timers To turn on the Smart Power Boiler through the app, use only the power you really need! Become smart consumers and make much more of your precious time.

Actual savings in your electricity expenses

Our app allows you to calculate the smart water heater's power consumption. Moreover,  It shows you how it translates into real money! so you will not be surprised anymore at the end of the month. 

High awareness and environmental preservation

Multi-user option

Simple installation based on standard electricity

you immediately become green and more energy efficient, thanks to having a full control on the water heater from anywhere, significantly reducing the electricity usage and contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Providing an opportunity for all family members to schedule and define from the App their favorite times for running the smart electric boiler, which encourages an efficient cooperation and smart consumption.

Without using expensive cables or changing the electrical infrastructure that makes the whole process more expensive just replace the "dumb" switch with Ina boiler - smart switch and within a few minutes you too have a smart boiler.

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