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The revolution has begun! come join us

Times and circumstances have changed, and habits that in the past were foreign to us, such as checking for emails using a smartphone on the way to work, taking advantage of every available minute to send a WhatsApp message to a friend, or to update your Facebook feed, have today become a trivial part of our daily routine.

This is also true in some capacity of our workplace. While most offices today are (still) managed by humans and are subject to a tremendous waste of energy, a considerable number of offices have joined the opposite trend that is gaining momentum - Smart Office.

More and more high-tech offices and buildings have long understood it is possible to encourage lower costs by means of smart remote control and management that significantly reduce energy consumption and make offices greener, more cost effective and more efficient... HomiSmart enables you to easily make your office smart in a minute, whether it is under construction or already exists, all on an affordable budget to all.

With HomiSmart's smart switches and outlets you will know how to monitor the power consumption in all areas of the office. The app will provide you with an explanation which shows your power consumption in real money terms, allowing you to know how much electricity you consume, how high your bill is going to be and helping you to become more power efficient and your employees to be more involved in your office.

smart outlets and switches

Smart management and Remote Control

When you turn your office into a smart one, you will be able to manage it from anywhere and at any given time. There will be no more air conditioners that you forgot to turn off, no more lights that are left on at the end of the work day and continue to waste unnecessary electricity, instead office appliances such as: coffee maker, printers, various computers, etc. using HomiSmart's App, smart switches & smart outlets you’ll be able to see at any given time which appliance stays on and turn it off with one push of a button on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

HomiSmart enterprise supporting version

Allows you to control large number of central units while each employee control his own area, moreover, it allows the last employee in the office to turn off everything with one click of his smartphone. Personal Involvement of the employee = caring = higher productivity – a Triple win for the office.

You paid – installed it –it’s yours forever

In contrast to the offices that install expensive and permanent systems that require a complete replacement of the electrical infrastructure, HomiSmart also offers easy installation of a few smart outlets and switches to make the entire office smart.


Even if you decide to move to other offices – It’s very simple - take them with you, they are yours, and you can continue to enjoy a smart office in your new one as well. 

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Additional Benefits:

Remote opening and closing of curtains / blinds This additional function will make the office green, economical and smarter by utilizing the natural light outside.

Safe and approved - All HomiSmart’s switches and outlets have the necessary approval of the European Standards Institute CE and others as well.

Naturally and harmoniously integrate into the office space – a white, clean and simple look that fits naturally into any public / office building.

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