How contractors and entrepreneurs can benefit from smart building using HomiSmart

The construction industry is competitive and as such, in order to stand out from the crowd and be unique, it is necessary to create a tiebreaker that gives you an added value over your competitor... Our smart electrical system provides this uniqueness with 16 ampere German standardization smart switches & sockets. Today we can point at the green building trend that is becoming increasingly popular among contractors / entrepreneurs who adopt it more and more... And why not actually? It reduces infrastructure, it helps to win green points by the government, it saves them power, increases energy efficiency and many more ... smart switches & sockets that we have developed precisely provide and encourage these values.

Some of the benefits the contractor gain with smart sockets & switches:

  • With HomiSmart’s smart construction the contractor or entrepreneur provides added value to their customers with the help of a smart home / office that allows them to fully automate and control the structure and its monthly expenses, in addition to a green and environmentally friendly approach.

  • Cost vs. benefit - The contractor and entrepreneur need only to install a smart switch / outlet package at HomiSmart’s low-cost to make any standard structure smart and marketable as such.

  • It is recognized as an indicator for green building points, which is necessary for a high ranking in the "Green Building" standard LEED building

  • HomiSmart engineers team has 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing electronic equipment worldwide.

  • The HomiSmart system meets the many countries Standards demands and was accredited by the European CE and some others as well .

  • Low operation- Due to our smart sockets & switches communication you'll need a lot less of electrical outlets and therefore a much less of electricians, plasterers etc.

  • Reduce costs- Get a much quicker progress with your project by monitoring any malfunction from afar, which ensures much easier support for any given project.

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