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Smart Access Control-Homismart


Smart Intercom


Kiosk Information System


Smart Gate Control

The Homismart system enables control of the entrance to various buildings and complexes, kiosks - information and self-service stations, controlled passages, opening doors and gates from everywhere, granting entry permits, documenting and managing personnel and connecting to other systems, all while significantly increasing security

Smart Intercom

a lobby in an modern office
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The intercom purpose in homes & residential buildings has always been to provide a solution for the opening of the entrance doors / gates, to protect the security and privacy of the house’s residents and to create an initial buffer. Today HomiSmart offers a real revolution of the traditional intercom system to the wireless Internet intercom system who adapted to Private houses, apartment buildings, offices, etc. the system allows the homeowner complete control, see & talk with the visitor at the entrance wherever they are, with maximum comfort, economical installation, costs and more.

With easy wireless installation, smart intercom gives you a full control directly from your mobile over your entry door, anywhere anytime...take a step forward to HomiSmart wireless intercom and enjoy control, security, & comfort!

Kiosk Information System

Businesswomen Walking in Hallway
Businesswomen Walking in Hallway
Kiosk Information System
Kiosk Information System

Self-service checkpoints and information(Kiosk) at the entrance to buildings and towers can provide a wide range of activities, such as: receiving and registering visitors, issuing tickets and building permits, directing, presenting information, etc. These automated checkpoints are an easy and convenient solution for streamlining processes and manpower. These computerized stations are designed according to the customer's requirements and are characterized according to the needs of each building or complex for the operational uses required. Our company provides a complete solution of software and hardware with innovative design and competitive prices.

Gate Control

smart Gate Control

Controlled human crossings are used in a wide variety of complexes, buildings of private and public institutions and more. The controlled passages allow control and monitoring of the number of people in the complex as well as the possibility of entry Only authorized or invited guests.

 Smart access control 
and employee attendance reporting

HomiSmart' technology enables employee attendance management through smart access control and a smart interface that is convenient for use in offices and companies.

Management of employee attendance according to attendance hours, shift work, reporting of vacation days, illness, and more. It is possible to produce detailed reports of the days and hours of work of the employees, which allows for maximum efficiency and accuracy in salary calculations

בחור מעדכן דוח נוכחות עובדים

Report on the start and end of work

Preparation of attendance reports

Management of vacation or sick days

Smart and easy to use

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