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Smart intercom with HomiSmart

The intercom purpose in homes & residential buildings has always been to provide a solution for the opening of the entrance doors / gates, to protect the security and privacy of the house’s residents and to create an initial buffer. Today HomiSmart offers a real revolution of the traditional intercom system to the wireless Internet intercom system who adapted to Private houses, apartment buildings, offices, etc. the system allows the homeowner complete control, see & talk with the visitor at the entrance wherever they are, with maximum comfort, economical installation, costs and more ..

Digital smart Intercom

Secure  24/7

Opening the door from anywhere


wireless installation


video chat with the visitor from the mobile


increase the building's value


Smart connection to security cameras


Change login code from mobile


Secure login via QR code

So what news does HomiSmart's smart access control system brings?

  • Ease of operation 

    Smart intercom allows you to open the door / entrance gate, even if you are not at home or not able to reach physically for the door... When a guest arrives and clicks on the apartment number / family’s name, a text message pops up to the mobile device and announces the arrival of the guest, then you can see, talk & open the door from anywhere in the world.


  • Easy to change password whenever you want

    buildings / houses with high turnover of visitors may create a situation in which the entry code goes through a lot of hands and sometimes even reaches undesirable factors, intelligent intercom prevents it by allowing the apartment owner or permission (in the case of a high-rise building) to change the password in a simple and fast way directly From the app, without any installer support.

  • Opening all doors, even in public spaces and full integration into the smart power system

In addition to full control of the entrance space outside the home, the smart intercom operates from the same application, which of course runs the entire smart power system that let you: setting timers, activating various scenarios, significantly reducing the electricity bill and more.


  • What about businesses 

The HomiSmart system is best suited for big or small businesses, since today you can see who is at the entrance gate, and easily direct it to the responsible employee for receiving guests, no more remote control are needed to open the entrance gate, Employees no longer need any accessory other than their mobile device

  • Cost-Saving Infrastructure

When the contractor comes to install the traditional intercom system, he is required to wire the entire building and transfer cables from the intercom to each apartment. This infrastructure increases the financial costs of installation. With smart intercom, the connection to the apartments is wireless, leading to easier and cheaper installation for consumers.

The opening of an entry door, the ability to watch and talk with the guest from the mobile, the quick and easy refresh of the intercom's password, cancelling the need for intercom wiring to the tenants' homes, a modern and prestigious look, a fair price, and more… all in one smart intercom

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