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The Advantages of Wireless Smart Home

Some of the powerful tools that make our lives easier today are the ones we carry in our pockets - our smartphones. They have changed the world in so many ways and with every improvement in technology, it seems that these wonderful tools can serve us more and more. It’s no wonder then that the hottest topic these days is integrating this smart technology system into our homes.

A Brief Explanation of the benefits you will gain from having a Wireless Smart Home:

Power Supply 

Each smart switch and outlet supports 16 amperes of power,therefore supports any household / office electrical appliance.

White & Clean

As always, the clean design of our products blends nicely and naturally into your  new or existing home /office space.


HomiSmart’s installers are available and at your disposal at any time. Each installer is a licensed professional electrician


All of our products meet the highest standards required by the European CE + German  National Standards Institutes.

Smart Technology 

All our products rely on an effective end-to-end technology that is suitable for all lifestyles.


It’s easy. Operate your entire home & office using a user-friendly App with just a few clicks.

 Affordable price 

Along with the convenient price of our products, we have no compromises when it comes to our product quality

Easy control 

Control the system, from anywhere in the world, using a smartphone| Tablet | Laptop and even by voice operation with Goggle assistance & Echo Amazon.

Turning your home into a smart home is the most prominent trend in digital innovation and IoT today.

Your control over your home with a wireless smart home will improve dramatically both by improving your sense of security and by providing you with convenient access to any electrical interface in your home, as well as improving the efficiency with which your home works for you. This eventually leads to reducing your home maintenance costs, which translates into saving money...

Who needs a smart home?  You might ask ...
we can get along very well without one ...

It's true that you can manage without smart electricity, but then you lose the ability to understand how our homes run in terms of power consumption, and thus the possibility to save money. In fact, even someone who is not interested in progressing technologically can greatly appreciate HomiSmart’s system which allows us consume only the electricity we really need. In other words, the investment on the transformation to smart home /office returns very quickly ..

With wireless smart home you have control of everything. Anytime.
The power is in your hands.

Cost vs. Benefit - saving electricity effortlessly at the push of a button!

Studies have shown that people who install a wireless smart home can save up to 40% of their total yearly home expenses. HomiSmart's advanced technology will help you save money, Simply install a smart switch  wherever you want one, and start managing & controlling what takes place in your home. 

homismart's app showing data about electricity consumption and costs


With HomiSmart’s wireless smart home you can help your family or friends from any place. The remote operation of the household appliances at the push of a button from your smartphone makes it easy for you, even if someone is unfamiliar with the operation of a particular device or doesn’t have physical access to it, you can always help them turn the device on or off from afar .

the whole family is connected

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