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Green Building and Smart Homes

Today, wherever we look, we can notice a change in trend when it comes to the development of environmental awareness, it is known that the construction industry does not bury its head in the sand and is itself increasing greener and more environmentally friendly standards.

One of the fields that contributes to and lead this global trend is the smart building field, which has become popular in recent years and positions itself as a construction standard thanks to the many advantages it provides both to the contractor and the developer in the form of great savings in infrastructure and green credit points, and for the individual who is given the ability to fully monitor the electricity consumption in his home at any time.

A smart building is not only about being green, but also about comfort, command and full control over what is done at home and in the office. with Homismart's technology, entrepreneurs can turn an ordinary house/building into a smart one within a few hours, through a simple installation of homismart's central unit which is called meni and a smart switches and sockets. We believe in the concept of sustainability which advocates for the preservation of our environment also for the improvement of our quality of life but mainly for our next generation... One of the most important ways to protect the environment is to save energy and reduce it wherever possible, as mentioned smart building makes this possible!

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Smart Homes and their contribution to the environment

A smart home serve green building by significantly reducing the waste of electricity

Using the energy counter installed in every smart switch and outlet. You can know exactly how much electricity you consume!

Using our app, leaving electrical appliance working with no use will no longer occur

It’s very simple - with one push from anywhere, you can turn off any electrical appliance.

Setting timers 

That turn appliances on and off only at the required times along with notifications to inform us how long each appliance was used helping to better understand the amount of money it consumed.

With your smartphone...

you can automatically open and close your blinds and curtains in such a way as to increase the use of the natural light outside.

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With our Smart Home Systems, you can manage your home from anywhere in the world via App, track your power consumption and start saving up to 40% on annual expense.

Automate your smart blinds, curtains and shades from anywhere in the world at any given time with your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Entreprenuars? Do you want a greener lifestyle for your buildings? Are you interested in moving to a smart home /Office ? Get HomiSmart’s expertise today.

Because we are known for our advanced and user-friendly technology, we can help make your home & office 
greener, smarter, and more productive.

HomiSmart, the smart choice.

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