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Real estate Entrepreneurs? What will you get with Homismart's smart home system?

Turning the building you built into a smart building will allow 24/7 control and security for the building's residents. In addition, the installation of Homismart's smart electrical system will allow every tenant to make sure that no electrical device works unnecessarily and wastes money for nothing.

Making your real estate project smart helps to brand it, differentiate it, give the property a contemporary and modern look and provide tenants who live or work in the building with comfort and control on all the technological systems in the building from anywhere, and all this at the click of a button through our Homismart app.

Your time is precious, allow yourself to succeed - with HomiSmart

If it is a residential building, the residents of the building will be able to turn on the water heater or the air conditioner a few minutes before they arrive home. If it is an office building, if the employee who left the office last forgot to turn off the air conditioners or lighting, there is no problem, he can easily turn off the lighting and air conditioning from anywhere through the app.


The trend of transitioning to a smart home is only gaining momentum because everyone already knows that in order to manage a household in an efficient, economical and smart way, it is very simple to install the smart electrical system of Homismart, thus allowing your tenants in the project to receive power consumption data from every electrical device in the home/office and save up to about 40% of the annual electricity expenses.

You will also be able to brand your real estate project as suitable for people with disabilities because with a Homismart smart home system, people with physical difficulties can operate all home systems in an easy and simple way without being dependent on others because all home operations are transferred to their mobile device.


With our smart home system, you allow your tenants in the project to connect to whatever electrical devices they want without installing an expensive system throughout the house.

• In addition, you allow to track and monitor your child's use of the various devices such as: computer, television and more. By setting times when you allow your child to play, you control their screen time easily through the app.

So what do you need to do as a real estate entrepreneur to install smart electricity in the apartments you have built?

In each apartment you will install meni, the central unit and the heart of the system that connects to the home/office WIFI and attach sockets or switches to which you choose and the home/office becomes smart.

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As awareness of the environment grows  our smart switches & sockets enable to save on infrastructures and increase energy efficiency by monitoring power consumption.

Automate your smart blinds, curtains and shades from anywhere in the world at any given time with your smartphone, tablet or PC.

You are now in control!! With a one-time purchase of Meni The Central Unit + adding a smart outlet or switch of your choice, your home becomes a smart home.

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