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smart home DIY with Homismart

In the past, turning a regular building into a smart one required professional knowledge and a deep understanding of electricity such as wiring wires, controllers, Basic understanding of code writing and more...With Homismart you can easily turn your home or office into a smart one in a few minutes. Smart socket Sam is a real news in the smart home DIY field, since it only takes to insert it into a standard socket - and that's it, any device becomes smarter.


By connecting to HomiSmart's free application and going through our simple & friendly installation guide, you will become a smart home owner within a few minutes.

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What do you gain from a smart home-do-it-yourself way?

• The freedom to choose for yourself A smart home DIY gives you the freedom to choose whatever device you would like to make smart. Want to make your air conditioner smart? No problem! Connect the Ina switch to the air conditioner to the main unit that can manage up to 60 switches & sockets... and that's it you've got your air conditioner smart and activated from the application. Want to turn the lighting, the television, the coffee maker, the water bar and basically any other electrical appliance that pop up your mind Piece of cake..., since you have the choice to decide which devices you wish to make smart, the fact that you can set up an automatic operating times to activate the various devices will not only make it easier for you but saves you hundreds of dollars a year, from today with a smart home you consume only what you really need!


• Plug or switch your smart-world HomiSmart's smart switches and sockets are portable and can be installed and removed at any given time and in any new or existing structure: residential / private homes large offices / public buildings and more...even if you moved to a new house or replaced an Office - just take them with you …

* It should be noted that an Inwall installation requires a qualified electrician who knows the electrical field professionally

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With our Smart Home Systems, you can manage your home from anywhere in the world via App, track your power consumption and start saving up to 40% on annual expense.

As awareness of the environment grows and construction becomes greener, our smart switches & sockets enable to save on infrastructures and increase energy efficiency by monitoring power consumption.

Automate your smart blinds, curtains and shades from anywhere in the world at any given time with your smartphone, tablet or PC.

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