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Parking lot digital directional signage

Parking lot digital signage providing drivers to navigate and find available parking spaces and to enter and exit the parking lot with great efficiency.

Real time update about available parking spaces:

One of the main advantages of parking lot digital signage is the ability to provide real-time information about available parking spaces. This feature is very useful especially in urban areas where the experience of finding parking space can be very frustrating and time-consuming. With the help of sensors that updating the signs in real-time, drivers can easily orient in the parking lot and save time.

Making the parking lot more beneficial:

In addition, from the point of view of the parking lot managers, parking lot signage can greatly improve the profitability of the parking lot. Signs for parking lots decrease traffic jams inside the parking lot and thus correspondingly increase revenues. Furthermore, The parking lot managers can identify where there is a higher demand for parking within the parking lot and at what times, and make adjustments to the price level of the most requested parking spaces, at the most requested times, and more.

Decrease of maintenance costs:

It is possible to update the content of the parking lot digital signage simply and remotely via one friendly app, this reduces the need for personnel to change signs inside the parking lot. hence, it reduces the costs of maintenance.

Some factors to consider:

There are some factors to take into account before installing digital directional signage in your parking lot. First and foremost, the spot of the signage is critical. It is important to install the signage in strategic area where the drivers can easily see it. In addition, It is necessary to ensure that the size and brightness level of the signs are adapted to all the lighting conditions that exist in the parking lot, in order for them to be clearly seen 24/7. Another factor to consider is the information that will be displayed on the directional signage. Additionally to displaying free parking spaces and the directions to them, it is possible to use the signage also for displaying some important information, such as the rules for the use of the parking lot, and also information about the general parking lot occupancy in real time.

Parking lot digital directional signage is very important aspect of smart parking lot system. It enhances the overall experience of the drivers as well as the efficiency of parking lot operators.

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