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Digital directional signage for buildings

Digital directional signage is an up to date solution directing and displaying information to building's visitors. information is shown on digital screens located in a strategic area: in the lobby of the building as well as on each floor.

When installing directional signage for offices, it is important to consider several factors such as: The size and arrangement of the space, the type of content to be displayed on the screens, and the software or hardware needed to run the system. It is also very important to make sure that the signage is placed in an accessible place that can be easily seen in order to maximize its effectiveness. As soon as you have installed Homismart's directional signage, you have everything you need to easily operate it.

A few reasons why you should install digital directional signage in your building:

1.Quick Orientation:

Getting lost or unable to find a specific place in an unfamiliar building can be a frustrating experience. Digital directional signage can alleviate frustration by giving clear directional instructions to the visitor, from the moment he or she enters the building.


2.Update content via application:

It is Easy and convenient for building management companies to update content on the digital screens via friendly to use application.


There is no need in manpower in order to direct visitors.

4. Improving the building's image:

Installing of digital directional signage in buildings can strengthen the building's image. This technology gives your building modern look. It can convey a sense of professionalism and reliability, which can be extremely important for businesses that regularly host customers.

5.Conveing information to tenants/visitors in the building:

Building digital directional signage can also be used for enhancing communication within the workplace. You can display messages, meetings schedules, and more important information. It ensures that everyone is on the same page and enables everyone to be updated easily.

The advantages of homismart's digital directional signage:

1.Professionalism: We have vast knowledge in designing, installing, and maintaining of digital directional signages. We have cutting edge technology and we will assist you to choose the most suitable signage for you. We can ensure that your signage will be the most efficient and up to date.

2.Customization: We at homismart can adapt the digital signage exactly to your needs and goals.

3.Cost-Effective: While the initial investment in digital directional signage can be higher than traditional directional signage, in the long run it can be beneficial. The moment the digital signage installed you can easily change the signage content via our friendly to use application. Without the need to print and install regular signage which take more time, money, and manpower.

4.Support for many languages: Digital signage can display content in multiple languages, making it easier for people who speak different languages ​​to navigate inside the building. This can be very useful in airports and tourist destinations.

5.Support and Service: We have fast and professional service, you can reach us directly via whatsapp. In case your building is already under a service agreement with us, you'll always have a working digital signage.

In addition, the directional signage can be easily updated with important information that you want to inform the visitors or employees of the office. For example, you can display meeting times, emergency alerts, weather updates and other important messages.

Digital directional signage offers a variety of advantages that can enhance visitor experience, lead to fast orientation, updating visitors and tenants with important information, enhancing building's image, While giving easy control over the content displayed through an app. If you're looking for ways to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your building, it's time to move towards Homismart's digital signage.

Want to expand the use of Homismart's control and monitoring system? No problem, with Homesmart's technology that makes every building smart, you can connect:

  • Smart access controls

  • Kiosk stations

  • Smart electricity

  • Security cameras and more

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