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Technological measures to save water in

the private and public spaces

We at Homismart believe that, similar to the electricity sector, most citizens are aware and want to save water, but they do not have the tools available to do so, and if we provide them with the right tools, they will be able to save and become more efficient. Accessible and easy tools for saving water will allow significant progress in the issue of water consumption and saving.

Smart accessories such as water meters and sensors that can be used to display and transmit to Homismart's system the current status of the amount of water passing through during activity hours at home/office/in the garden.

Automatic tools for water control and saving such as electric faucets and sensors which allow easy and convenient remote operation from the mobile phone or computer without having to be physically there.

Control of irrigation timings, convenient operation through the app, allows Effective irrigation at the desired times, depending on the seasons and can be easily changed using the simple and easy-to-use app.

Option for data-analyzing and insights

With moisture sensors you can understand what is the optimal amount of water for irrigation. A question that most consumers or agriculturists don’t really know the exact amount of water needed for irrigation.


Integration of rain sensors

sensors can tell when it is rainy and accordingly to shut down the irrigation system.

Pipeline damage fixing

Analysis of the water consumption of the home/office consumer and real-time detection of anomalies, reporting and taking action. For example, if unusual use is detected during non-working hours, Homismart will report this to the user and can even automatically or manually close the tap that feeds the pipeline from anywhere in the world. When the tenant is not at home, the Homismart system allows, in addition to turning off the electricity, to also turn off the main faucet at the entrance to the house or garden, or to any water point, thus preventing a situation where a malfunction will occur and the tenant will discover it too late. This will prevent a huge waste of water and great damage to the property.

Control of faults in the building and in the public space

Homismart enables the monitoring of malfunctions for authorized tenants in the building or the residential complex. Using a username and password, a tenant authorized to do so will be able to turn off the taps to public areas. In the event of a malfunction, it will not be necessary to wait a long time until the arrival of a municipal employee or plumber, but the tap that feeds that complex/garden/public space will be conveniently and quickly closed.

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With our Smart Home Systems, you can manage your home from anywhere in the world via App, track your power consumption and start saving up to 40% on annual expense.

As awareness of the environment grows and construction becomes greener, our smart switches & sockets enable to save on infrastructures and increase energy efficiency by monitoring power consumption.

Automate your smart blinds, curtains and shades from anywhere in the world at any given time with your smartphone, tablet or PC.


smart home? go for the diy methods

Entrepreneurs/management companies upgrade your building with the Homismart system and allow your tenants to save water!

For more details contact us and we'll be happy to be at your service!

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