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Smart Parking Lot

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Smart parking lots are already here and they became a popular solution that allows maximal usage of parking spaces, efficient management and also higher profitability per given square meter in the parking lot. In addition, the technology also affects the environment of the parking lot as it allows easy and quick entry and exit and reduces traffic congestion in the area. Using smart parking lot turns parking into easier, faster and more convenient for drivers and also for parking lot operators.

One of the key technologies that are being used in smart parking lots is sensors such as occupied/unoccupied and more. These sensors can be installed at different areas in the parking lot and also in problematic areas such as areas which the parking is forbidden, so the system will sense in real-time where there are vehicles and where the parking spaces are available. in addition, the sensors can warn about disturbances and blockages in the parking lot. This data is sent to a central parking lot management system, which can provide drivers with real-time information regarding available parking spaces and directions to them, and at the same time will send administrative alerts to the parking lot operator in accordance with his instructions.

Smart parking lots can reduce the amount of time being wasted on circling the parking lot with the goal of finding an available parking space. It can enhance the circulation in the parking lot and reduce congestions.

Smart parking lots also use LPR cameras for identifying license plates in order to track after vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot. And these enable faster entry and exit and additional operations related to parking time billing and permissions that can be defined in the management system.

Parking experience was never easier for drivers and for parking lot operators that gain more from their smart parking lot. By using real-time data to manage parking occupancy, parking lot operators can adjust and plan every hour of the day and use the parking lot in a model that, on the one hand, maximizes the use of any given parking lot and, on the other hand, allows parking fees to be adjusted according to supply and demand in the parking lot, thus maximizing revenue.

And what about the expenses? Is smart parking lot can reduce them? The answer is surely can! After all, a smart parking lot is managed by remote control and allows the parking lot to be operated almost without personnel. It is operated Ticketless and you can pay with credit cards and apps so that there is no need to maintain payment machines and issue tickets, this is also saved from the parking lot operators.

Eventually, smart parking lots can significantly enhance the parking experience for drivers. Drivers can save time and avoid the frustration associated with looking for a parking space in a parking lot, That is thanks to real-time information about available parking spaces and accurate guidance to the desired parking space. This can lead to high satisfaction and loyalty on the part of the customers who will return to park in the parking lot where the handling is easy and quick.

Smart parking lot who is it good for?

It doesn't matter whether you are parking lot owners or parking lot management companies, smart parking lot can fit you. There is no more simple way to manage your parking lot from everywhere via one application which allows the control of the parking lot gates, interface to the security cameras of the parking lot, and to get occupancy status in real-time, and hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly revenues at anytime.

What are the benefits of homismart's smart parking lot management system?

  • Homismart system allows Applicative management interface for the parking lot operators and Representatives of the tenants.

  • Option to install sensors and cameras and display occupancy status of parking spaces.

  • Streamlining the process of searching for available parking space gives positive experience to the driver and an option to optimal usage of parking spaces in time of employees absence.

  • Displaying the parking map and status for the company's parking management for employees and casual visitors.

  • Paid parking lots – Possibility of a green process without the need for a printer and regular operation of consumable paperwork and accessories.

  • A friendly and easy-to-use application that supports 16 languages.

Want to expand the use of Homismart's control and monitoring system? No problem, with Homesmart's technology that makes every building smart, you can connect:

  • Smart access controls

  • Kiosk stations

  • Smart electricity

  • Security cameras and more

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