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Smart lights

Entrepreneurs? Come and upgrade your project and install Homismart smart light switches that will provide comfort and full control over the lighting to your tenants. With Homismart's smart light switch, you will allow your tenants to turn off the lights in all the rooms with a push of a button from anywhere on their smartphone, and even with just voice command through Alexa or Google Assistant, does it sound imaginative? Definately not! The smart home revolution is already here and many homes and offices already enjoy full control over their lighting system and save a lot of money a year. If you don't have a smart light switch yet or maybe you haven't heard of it, you are invited to read the following article.

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What is a smart light switch?

A smart light switch is a switch that incorporates a very sophisticated electronic circuit, which is installed instead of the normal switch that you have. Entrepreneurs take note! The smart switch gives the lighting in your project, whether its residential building or office building, advanced capabilities that will make you wonder why you haven't upgraded your switches to smart ones until today... Well, all you need is a wireless WIFI network and the HomiSmart app. From now on, your tenants in the project can turn the lights on and off from anywhere and stop worrying that they forgot something turned on at home or office.

Smart lighting, what other benefits can you derives from it?

A smart light switch allows your tenants in the project to do much more than just turning it on and off remotely; Entrepreneurs who chose to install this circuit breaker will find that from today it will be possible to set fixed times when the lights turn on or off; A feature that can be very useful for Shabbat keepers, but not only. Just think of the time, money and energy saved for a large business or office building with the ability to turn off the entire lighting system at once when the last of the employees leaves. In addition, every smart light switch is equipped with a component that reads the lighting energy consumption and thus helps you achieve energy efficiency. Another useful advantage occurs when you are abroad or away from home and want to deter burglars, you can turn on or set a timer from your smartphone to turn the lights on and off at home - and you are covered!

There are many who hear the concept of a smart home and immediately panic; They are sure that these are expensive luxuries but we have a surprise for you! A smart switch is an accessible product that comes at an affordable price and can be very suitable for your real estate project. It does not require the replacement of complex and expensive electrical infrastructures but only a simple replacement of the normal switch. It comes in two different versions of a single switch and a double switch.

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