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Smart intercom

what makes intercom smart?

An intercom becomes smart once it is equipped with advanced features and capabilities. Some of the main features that make an intercom smart are:

1.voice and video: smart intercom enables to see and talk, from anywhere, with the visitors that are outside the building's entrance door.

2.Priority in call forwarding: With a smart intercom you can determine the order in which the call will be received according to the needs of your home or office. That is, if one person received a call to his application and he does not answer, the call will go to the next person in line according to the order you preferred.

3.integration with smart systems: Our smart intercom integrates into Homismart's smart building system and can be connected to a smart electrical system, sensors, security cameras, and more.

4.automation: Smart intercoms can be programmed to perform several tasks automatically, such as locking doors or turning on the lighting in the building.

5.QR code: A temporary QR code can be issued to casual visitors that will enter the building, without revealing the password of the building.

4 reasons why you should install smart intercom:

1.personal security: A smart intercom system can provide increased security by making it possible to see and communicate with visitors outside the front door of the home before letting them in.

2.convenience: You can remotely open the door of your home for visitors or messengers without getting up from the chair in the office or from the couch at home.

3. Increased property value:  Installing a smart intercom system increases the value of your property.

4.saving in manpower: A smart intercom reduces the need for a security guard or receptionist in the building.

Who is the Homismart's smart intercom suitable for?

Our smart intercom is suitable for offices, residentials, Government institutions, public buildings, sports halls and more. Choosing a smart intercom gives the building a modern look along with the easy and convenient ability to open the front door or gates through our application.

At Homismart we have developed a breakthrough technology in the field of smart intercoms in particular and entrance controls in general. Be sure that with Homismart you will get the best intercom with the most advanced technology, With high level of availability and service for any question or request.

Want to expand the use of Homismart's control and monitoring system? No problem, with Homesmart's technology that makes every building smart, you can connect:

  • Smart electricity

  • Kiosk stations

  • Smart parking lots

  • Security cameras and more

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