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smart electricity

What is smart electricity?

Smart electricity is a system of outlets, switches and other additional electricity accessories that send data and receive commands from a central unit, which is the brain of the system. A system like this can receive information such as: energy consumption, how much each electronic device costs, and what are the devices that working in real-time. System like this enables turning on and off electronic devices remotely, scheduling which appliance will work in specific times, planning scenarios such as: morning office scenario, when arriving to the office the lights and AC turns on automatically or evening scenario at home, when finishing work the water tank turns on ensuring that you'll have warm water when you enter home, and all of that via one application.

Two central types of smart electricity:

Wired smart electricity

In a case you have decided that you are interested in installing wired smart electricity, you should know this, on the one hand, its very reliable, on the other hand, it is very expansive.  Its important to know that in homes/offices which don’t have suitable electricity infrastructure, the process becomes more complex, When in such cases the electrical cabinet needs to be replaced, and communication lines must be connected along all the power lines up to the sockets to which the electrical appliances are connected.

Wireless smart electricity

Wireless smart electricity system is installed over the regular electricity infrastructure.  All the outlets and switches know to transmit data and to get commands from the central unit, without the need for excessive wires and without the need to spend money on long and expansive installations. Everything works over the regular wifi network.

Smart electricity for residential building

Today there is more awareness of the technology that turns our traditional homes into smart homes. The technology is easy to install and every appliance turns in no time to smart. Tennant that buying an apartment with this technology can turn on and off appliances from anywhere via one application. Furthermore, to turn timers or to set fixed scenarios such as: A morning scenario where at some desired hour in the morning the blinds will be opened, the light will be turned on and the coffee machine will already prepare a cup of coffee for us while we open our eyes.

Smart electricity to the office

In the current era there is important news for office owners and companies working in an office. Today it is possible to save money by managing all the appliances in the office via one friendly to use application. Smart electricity system allows lights and air conditioners to be turned on and off using sensors. When there are employees in a meeting room, the lighting and the air conditioner will turn on and as soon as the sensors detect that the room is empty, the lights and air conditioners will be turned off automatically. In addition, it will be possible to set that after working hours all the electrical devices in the office will be turned off. Installing smart electricity system will give you energy efficiency, remote control from anywhere, and expenses savings.

The advantages in installing homismart's smart electriciy

  • Stability: A stable electrical system that allows you to enjoy your smart electricity without malfunctions.

  • Easy to install: there is no need in special infrastructures Except for the usual electricity infrastructure and wifi in place.

  • Easy remote control: there is no need anymore getting up from the couch in order to turn off the light or to get upset because you forgot the lights on in the office. Everything is easy controlled via the application.

  • Money savings and energy efficiency: Control of all the electrical appliances in the house prevents unnecessary waste of electricity and in addition saves a lot of money. Everything can be configured via mobile, which devices will work, how long each device will work, etc...

  • Know your electricity: You can find out in the application how much each electrical device costs you and how much electricity is consumed.

  • Operation using voice commands: You can use Alexa or Google Assistant to turn on or off any electrical device in the house.

  • increasing the value of the property: The installation of a smart electrical system gives a modern and luxurious look to the property and increases its value.

Homismart is a company active in the field of smart electricity and a leader in technological innovation in the field of smart buildings. Homismart's technology enables control over all the electrical systems in the building and all from one easy to use application.

Quality * Advanced Technology * Stability

Want to expand the use of Homismart's control and monitoring system? No problem, with Homesmart's technology that makes every building smart, you can connect:

  • Smart access controls

  • Kiosk stations

  • Smart parking lots

  • Security cameras and more

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