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Smart Building Technology

HomiSmart is an Israeli high-tech company active in the field of smart building management, and a leader in technological innovation. HomiSmart is a business partner of Google company in the field of smart home, voice activation and have standard from the Institute of Israeli Standards and European CE standard. The company's technology and products, allow full integration for smart building management that includes: smart electricity, smart access control, smart parking management, security cameras, sensors, alarm systems, Digital signage screens, smart technology for supervising maintenance  and interfacing with other existing systems.

Office Building

Homismart Integration

Smart access control 

Smart parking


Security system

Smart security cameras

Smart electricity for buildings 

Digital signage screens

Smart Access Control System 

a modern building
Smart Intercom

With the HomiSmart system, you can control access to buildings and complexes, use smart intercoms, access information and self-service kiosks, manage controlled passages, open doors and gates remotely, grant entry permits, document and manage personnel, and connect to other systems. All of this is done while significantly improving security.

Smart Parking System

Smart Parking Application

Smart parking management and smart parking lots with Homismart

Homismart  system technology enables parking management as part of the integrated system in the smart building.

Digital Signage screens

Enhance your building's communication with our digital signage screens. Display important information, promotions, and announcements in a modern and engaging way.


Security Cameras and Smart Sensors

Security Cameras and Smart Sensors

Security Cameras and Sensors

With Homismart, you can enjoy a comprehensive 360° integration solution that allows for smart connectivity with a range of systems, including smart electrical systems, security cameras, electric gates, intelligent access control systems, various sensors, and more. All of these features can be easily activated and controlled through a single application.

Voice Activation Via Google Home & Amazon Alexa 

Google assistance and Alexa voice operation

Connect the HomiSmart system to Google Home or Amazon Alexa  and run scenarios, timers and the entire power system, using voice command only!

HomiSmart – A simple way to a smarter life!

Homismart's devices are easily installed in: private homes, residential buildings, offices & Public institutions, Since they do not require any change of infrastructure, expensive electrical controllers and unnecessary wiring! And their price tag? affordable to all 

Smart Electricity

We believe that our products can improve all lifestyles, enable the users to control the connected electronic devices via smartphones/ Apple watch / voice operation from anywhere in the world. Set timers and measure the energy consumption via HomiSmart App . Our products provide greener & smarter life style. HomiSmart’s free app allows for multiple users to help you and your family stay connected.

Our technology provides a solution for projects in the construction phase and for existing buildings & offices

Smart Offices

Smart management and remote control


Contractors, Entrepreneurs & Architects

Smart Building with HomiSmart

Building Under Construction

meet your net zero emission goal

 Greener Planet 


Greener Planet

Implementing HomiSmart technology apart of the many values for the customers, it eventually  helps decarbonized the real estate industry in any tower as great tool to help us all reach greener planet. Industrial IOT with our smart building technology enable buildings to be controlled and managed much better and efficiently with better tools to help make the buildings more efficient and reduce their energy consumption and their carbon footprint as a result...

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