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HomiSmart is a high-tech company that develops & manufactures smart electrical products suitable for regular electrical infrastructure. Control & monitor your smart home and office from anywhere in the world at any given time. Whether your chosen communication is by voice, smartphone, tablet or Apple watch. Set timers at the desired time, track your power consumption and become more energy efficient with great benefits of time, energy and money saved!

Light Up & Save

Control & Energy 

saving with smart switches and sockets

Homismart's devices are easily installed in: private homes, residential buildings, offices & Public institutions, Since they do not require any change of infrastructure, expensive electrical controllers and unnecessary wiring! And their price tag? affordable to all 

A Smart Home. Why us?

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HomiSmart – A simple way to a smarter life!


Voice Activation Via Google Home & Amazon Alexa 
Google assistance voice operation

Connect the HomiSmart system to Google Home or Amazon Alexa  and run scenarios, timers and the entire power system, using voice command only!

smart wireless intercom system 

you wont miss your package delivery again...

With easy wireless installation, smart intercom gives you a full control directly from your mobile over your entry door, anywhere anytime...take a step forward to HomiSmart wireless intercom and enjoy control, comfort, saving & security!

Security cameras and smart sensors

Homismart Integration

Homismart enables a complete integration 360° solution that includes a smart connection to: smart electrical systems, security cameras, electric gates, intelligent access control system, various sensors and more...Everything is activated and controlled from one application!

Smart Parking

Smart parking management and smart parking lots with Homismart

Homismart  system technology enables parking management as part of the integrated system in the smart building.

Contractors, Entrepreneurs & Architects

Smart Building with HomiSmart

Smart Offices

Smart management and remote control

Smart home & office accessory package deals

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We believe that our products can improve all lifestyles, enable the users to control the connected electronic devices via smartphones/ Apple watch / voice operation from anywhere in the world. Set timers and measure the energy consumption via HomiSmart App . Our products provide greener & smarter life style. HomiSmart’s free app allows for multiple users to help you and your family stay connected.

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