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Homismart Voice Operation

Simply connect Homismart to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and enjoy top technology of voice operation for smart home & office, talk to your assistant as if he were standing right next to you...

Alexa and Google Assistant

One of the most promising of these personal assistants is surely Google Assistant and Alexa Amazon.

This intriguing collaboration creates endless possibilities that Long ago, they would have sounded like imagination…Today, for operating your smart home, you do not have to touch anything, especially your smartphone…just say “OK google open Homismart “ and control your smart home naturally by voice!

Think about that , actions that until recently were seen as the peak of technology such as operating the air conditioner / water heater / lighting and other via smartphones are yesterday's news now,  enough to think about the time saved and the efficiency you will get by saying "OK Google Shut Down all lights", or the common situation where you at home and your hands are busy with something else, Google Assistance kicked in with, "OK Google, turn on boiler for 30 minutes" indeed, HomiSmart brings you an exciting technology to operate your home & office naturally.

Google Assistant

And how about scenarios that we all use?  Such as "morning scenario", with Homismart & Google Assistant or Amazon Echo we simply wake up in the morning, say “good morning “ and gets our daily set up  automatically with all of our favorite actions like : the shower light turns on and the shutter opens to the desired amount, the coffee machine begins to produce the intoxicating smell of coffee and more... Yes! It is not a dream, it’s Homismart!

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