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How to connect Google Assistant with HomiSmart

The Google Assistant is a voice-activated assistant that HomiSmart technology and devices supporting. The google assistant is available on the Google Home speaker and Google Android mobiles.
The voice operation is activated by saying, “Ok Google” or “Hey Google “to manage your everyday tasks, and easily control HomiSmart devices around your home /office.

With voice control through the Google Assistant, you can control lighting, plugs, thermostats, scenarios and more …

Google Assistant
Homismart's smart electricity

Getting started

First, download the HomiSmart mobile app for Android or iOS and create an account with Gmail account.

The Google Assistant requires either a Google Home speaker or an Android 6.0+ mobile phone. Here's how you can prepare your Google Assistant device to connect with HomiSmart:

Google Home:
Download the Google Home mobile app for Android or iOS and set up your Google Home device prior stage to connecting with HomiSmart.

Android Mobile Versions 6.0+:
The Google Assistant is available on Android 6.0+ mobile phones.
In order to verify you have Google Assistant enabled try long pressing the home button, as your Android phone will connect directly to HomiSmart through the Google Assistant.


Connect Google Home Assistant with HomiSmart

1. Open the Google Home app and tap the menu 

2. Make sure that the Google account that is listed is the one you used to set up Google Home.
    To switch accounts, click the dropdown arrow to the right of the account name.

3. Say to google home device:”ok Google, open HomiSmart”

4. Google assistant will answer: “it looks like your HomiSmart account is not linked yet" please link      your account in google home app.

5. Open the google home app and inside Choose “Link HomiSmart to google”

6. Choose the same google account that was used to register at HomiSmart app.

7. Say: ”ok Google open HomiSmart “

8. Continue with the voice operations of HomiSmart.

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Connect Google Assistant via Android mobile with HomiSmart

* Prior to implementing the stages below please verify that at HomiSmart the account you opened is with Gmail and no other email provider.

1. Say “ok google” to activate google assistant.

2. Say “talk to HomiSmart”

3. Your google assistant will respond “it looks like your HomiSmart account is not linked yet” and
   will give you option to link HomiSmart to google.

4. Tap “Link HomiSmart to google”

5. Choose the same google account that was used to register at HomiSmart app.

6. Say:”ok Google open HomiSmart “

7. Continue with the voice operations of HomiSmart.


Voice commands to operate HomiSmart devices Via Google Assistant

Below are some sample phrases for lighting and switch devices.
For the Google Home speaker, you can use “Ok Google” and “Hey Google” interchangeably and for the mobile phone you can say “Talk to Google” .

  1. Operation voices command words for HomiSmart devices -  
    “turn on” , “turn off “  ,”open” , “close" , “switch on”, “switch off”, “on” ,”off “

  2. Dim-operation = “dim”  , “dimmer” , “set led off”

  3. Name = should use the name of the device as defined in application.
    For example: TV, Boiler

  4. Number = should be a number from 0, 10, 20… up to 100.

  5. Hour = number from 0 to 12 am/pm.

  6. Recurrence = days like: “Sunday””Monday”, ” Tuesday” , ” Wednesday” ,” Thursday”"Friday” , ”Saturday” .
    Or "daily” for every day.

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Examples for voice operations syntax
1. In order to control device simply combine the Operation command with the device
      name for example “turn on TV" or "close boiler"

2. Control curtain/shutter: (for shutters and curtains only)
      set name to number percent: "set shutter to 50 percent” / “set curtain to 100 percent"

3. Control section/scenario -
    Operation scenario name for example "turn on scenario morning"
     Operation section name – "open section office"

4. Change device led: dim-operation name to number percent – "dim boiler button to 80 percent"

5. Lock device- for disabling certain device from being operated mistakenly say :
     Lock name- "Lock Tv!"

6. Set timer:

  1. set timer to name from hour to hour every recurrence - "turn on boiler between 6 pm to 7 pm every Monday”

  2. set timer to name between hour until hour every recurrence- "turn on boiler between 6 pm to 7 pm daily”

  3. operation name at hour- "turn on boiler at 5 pm"

  4. operation name at hour every recurrence- "turn off TV at 8 pm every Monday"

7.Delete timers:

  1. Delete all name timers- "delete all TV timers!"

  2. Delete timers of name.

  3. Delete name timers.

8. End conversion: ending HomiSmart operative conversation with google assistant can be done by below ways: “No”, “Goodbye”, ”Bye” , ”Bye Bye”

9.Get HomiSmart user information – when having multiple users accounts with multiple assistant you can find it usefully to know which account is being activated via the voice operation you can do that by say :

“what is my user account” , “what is my account“

 10. Help:  to get voice help simply say “help”

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Disconnect HomiSmart from Google Assistant :

To disconnect HomiSmart from the Google Assistant, you need to unlink your HomiSmart account from the Google Assistant or Google Home app.
Note: upon delete your Google device will no longer accept voice commands for HomiSmart devices

To completely remove HomiSmart from the Google Assistant, all shared users must also unlink HomiSmart from their Google account.

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