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Smart Home price- HomiSmart

With the cost of a few bucks and an easy ,friendly installation of a smart switch and outlet, you can turn your home / office into a smart one, HomiSmart offers a variety of  switch / outlet to replace the existing ones.

The price of a smart home... 
How much does it really cost?

For those of us who concerned from their budget constrains - we got you covered!

With HomiSmart, starting today anyone can afford a smart home! There is no need to abandon saving plans, the upgrade is very affordable and can be done in stages at any given time who  may be expanded to more devices to meet your needs .

Automation of lighting mechanism

Smart Lighting

Most of the smart home's upgrades begin with the lighting because it is the easiest and perhaps most familiar change. Smart lighting generally has two main characteristics 

Efficient energy consumption (turning off unnecessary lights)

smart switch

With HomiSmart the change to smart lighting is done using the

Ina smart switch.

This switch supports electric consumers who use even up to 16 Amp. with our devices most types of connected consumers can be wired to Ina smart switch for smooth easily opreation .

packaged smart switch

Another significant advantage of HomiSmart is reflected in the ability of its smart switches and outlets to operate each other (a situation in which the switch in the bedroom can activate another switch without being hard wired to it. )

At HomiSmart we thought of everything!

From the clean design of the smart switches & outlets that integrate naturally in our home, through the high standards required by the Standards Institutes credited by German notified body of the European CE and others as well .

HomiSmart - saving through technology.

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