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Smart Access Control

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Offices? Businesses? Do you have a building or tower that requires smart access control?
Our smart intercom is a perfect fit for you

In addition to all the standard capabilities we know from regular intercoms, Homismart's smart intercom offers:

Secured QR Code Entry

 Enable timed access for visitors/couriers without revealing the access code to the building.

Professional and Reliable Service

We are committed to providing professional and reliable service with fast delivery and installation. 


Have video conversations with visitors through your mobile device.

 Easy and Convenient

Installation without the need for complicated infrastructure preparation.

Remote Control 

Open doors from anywhere using your mobile device.

Interfacing to the employee attendance system

option to connect employee attendance control system with our smart access control system

The installation is simple, and there is no need for the presence of residents/employees during the installation process. Take a step forward with our smart intercom and enjoy remote control, security, and convenience.

"I really liked the option of video call through the mobile device with the visitor outside the building."

"It's amazing to see how all the residents are connected and how everything works smoothly!"

Take a step forward with our smart intercom and enjoy control, convenience, savings, and security.

Want to expand the usage of Homismart's control and management system? No problem. With Homismart's technology that makes every building smart, you can connect:

  • Smart access gates

  • Information and control kiosks

  • Employee attendance reporting through the application

  • Security cameras and sensors

  • Smart electricity and energy optimization

  • Integration with smart elevators

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Homismart  Smart Access Control

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