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digital bulletin board 


HomiSmart presents
an advanced digital bulletin board

Our digital bulletin board is suitable for offices, residential buildings, businesses, clinics, hotels, and more. It can be used to convey important messages, promote products or services, and generate interest among the target audience of the business or residents in the building.

With Homismart's digital bulletin board, you will receive:


Efficient communication
The digital bulletin board provides an especially effective communication channel through which important information can be updated throughout the building in real-time.

Real-time updates:
It is easy to share real-time updates regarding building maintenance, repairs, various events, or any other relevant information.

Targeted messages:

Messages can be displayed in a targeted manner, allowing specific groups or areas within the building to receive relevant information.

Enhanced visibility:
Digital signage screens capture attention, ensuring that residents/employees notice and engage with the displayed messages.

Multimedia capabilities:

Elements of multimedia such as images, videos, or animations can be incorporated, enabling the delivery of engaging content that catches the eye.

Long-term profitability:
While there is an initial investment in setting up a digital bulletin board, it can be a profitable long-term solution.

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Interested in expanding the usage of Homismart's smart control and management system? No problem! With Homismart's technology that turns any building into a smart one, you can connect:

Security cameras and sensors * Smart resident parking * Smart electricity * Energy optimization * Fast passages * Digital guidance screens * and more.


Homismart Digital bulletin board

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