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Smart blinds using a Smart Home system

Imagine for a moment a scenario in which you wake up in the morning and the room’s curtains or blinds already opened and let in the exact amount of sunshine that lightens the room just the way you like it, or one in which you switch to ‘Cinema’ mode and the blinds close on their own so that you find yourself in a pleasant room light ideal for watching a movie .. Sounds impossible? Think again! Because starting today using HomiSmart’s Smart Switch “Curry”, this reality can become yours.

Smart Home remote control

Undoubtedly, the ability to control blinds, curtains and even the shades in the yard at any time will make your life a great deal easier and more convenient. It is sufficient to imagine an all too familiar situation in which you are hastily attempting to leave/ depart your home into a day with less than ideal weather, for instance: rainy or misty and dusty days; days on which you specifically forgot to close the curtains or shutters. Now, using the HomiSmart app, you can stop worrying because with single touch of your smartphone with one push of a button you will be able to shut them off.

Control using a Smartphone & voice command

Remote control of blinds, curtains and  all the electricity at home or  office is not limited to your smartphone; it is also accessible using the voice command with HomiSmart devices operated with your Google home or Amazon Alexa or Apple Smart Watch and is very simple to use. Just download the HomiSmart App to your Smart Watch and you will be able to open the blinds to your favored position even from the comfort of your own bed ... With a simple, inexpensive, and fast replacement of the electric switch that operates the blinds with the “Sherry” Smart Switch you can start living a smarter, more efficient, and more cost-effective lifestyle.

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With our Smart Home Systems, you can manage your home from anywhere in the world via App, track your power consumption and start saving up to 40% on annual expense.

As awareness of the environment grows and construction becomes greener, our smart switches & sockets enable to save on infrastructures and increase energy efficiency by monitoring power consumption.

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Do you want to wake up in the morning to soft rays of sun, as a result of your blinds/curtains automatically opening, and save money on your electric bill?

Join HomiSmart’s Smart home and begin to enjoy all the benefits a Smart home & office provides 

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