HomiSmart Integration technology solution

One Application - One Control

HomiSmart's advanced smart electricity enables manage & control all possible electrical systems of up to 16 amperes, all from one friendly application! opening electrical gates at parking lots directly from your mobile, smart water control, which enables, among other things, watering public areas, advanced sensors that send alerts when an unusual event occurs (temperature, smoke, leaks, etc.). Providing solutions for the application in residential buildings and towers, which electrical accessories are active and which are not, when it is critical to set timers for energy efficiency… with HomiSmart All the building management becomes smart and comfortable with maximum accessibility.


The HomiSmart technology is an integrative system that enables from the same application to operate complementary systems such as: smart wireless access controls for building / office / private house, etc. security cameras / smart lighting systems in public areas and more... With one central management unit which can operate up to – 60 devices, based on the regular electrical infrastructure, every home or office electrical appliance becomes smart: smart lighting, smart air conditioner, water heater, blinds / smart curtains, electrical parking lots gates and many more...  With maximum compatibility for each budget, needs or system, Homismart technology – is in the palm of your hand.

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