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Becoming green and environmentally friendly by saving electricity is one of the most important parameters of our time and becoming increasingly recognized.


It is known that one of the main factors in a household's recurrent expenses is the electric bill, therefore we must strive to reduce it wherever possible. One of the easiest and most ideal ways to do so is with a simple and convenient transition to a smart home.

A quick and simple installation of smart switches and outlets allows you to enjoy smart electricity that reduces energy consumption and helps you eventually to save money.

There are appliances that consume large amounts of electricity for example: air conditioners, stoves, and electric water heaters, as well as household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, etc. With smart home, you can now set up timers for this list of appliances (and any other electrical appliance) which will help you monitor and control them, and most importantly will let you understand   in your local currency terms how much power each one consumes daily, monthly, and yearly…

So what are the ways in which you can conserve electricity using HomiSmart?

Make your home a smart home - With this act you will have complete control over your house. When you switch your standard switch or outlet with a smart one, you will enjoy the benefits of smart electricity and be able to turn on any electrical appliance with a single push of a button on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Conserving energy means shutting down appliances that continue to work when you are afar of the home or even at night unnecessarily, such as a Water dispenser, coffee maker, microwave and more ...

With smart electricity, you can set a timer for any household / office appliance who support up to 16 amperes of electricity, enjoy smart switches and outlets and pay only what you consume.  

With Homismart, using Goggle home or Amazon Alexa or even your Apple smart watch, you can connect to our app and with vocal commands activate any electrical appliance connected to the smart outlet/switch.

You can increase the energy you consume by creating scenarios in which you turn off all the lights in the house during the day, in addition to the automatic and regular opening of the smart blinds / curtains to the desired amount. These acts encourage the use of the natural light outside, help you to be green and environmentally friendly, and help you to save!

Your life, is going to become much more comfortable...

You can achieve all this without long and tiresome planning and without having to replace the electrical infrastructure. It is very simple; all you need is a quick and easy replacement of your existing  "dumb" outlets and switches with our smart ones.

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