Smart Offices

whether you manage an existing or thinking on new office we can help greatly to save you money 

It's time to upgrade to a smart office with monthly bills get smaller while on the transition to the smarter office the environment get greener from the transfer to be more energy efficient, enjoy smart electricity that allows you to control and supervise your office from anywhere, anytime, with a single push of a button.

Some of the significant smart office advantages:


Know more and consume less

Have full control over office expenses by significantly reducing the electrical equipment’s consumption of energy, all at the touch of a button on your smartphone.


Achieve higher productivity from your employees due to them taking an active role in shutting down the electrical devices, thus improving management and personal matter what is the size of your business we support multiple users for even very big organizations with multiple parameters to help support your specific needs for users managements that can be easily set .

Going everywhere with you

Have you moved to a new office? No problem! You can easily make the new one smart too! It’s very simple - our smart switches and outlets can be transferred to your new location as they are easily to be replaced and expanded with some additional in the new office !

Design and quality

The Smart switches and outlets fit naturally and easily into various office spaces.

Reliability and safety

Very safe and highly reliable thanks to 16A adaptable outlets and switches standardized by the European CE and more ...

Are You a Contractor / Entrepreneur?

HomiSmart has a business department especially for you!

A professional consultant will sit with you one on one and will provide you with the most suitable proposal for your project and budget!

We will provide you with complete support and personal guidance at every stage of your project, as well as valuable and attractive package deals.

The advantages that you will receive by using HomiSmart’s combination of smart switches and outlets include:

• HomiSmart products are approved by the CE and others  standardization!

From supportability to product safety and work force certification and moreover, you are all covered!

• HomiSmart products are adapted to the "Green Building" standards

This is an important measure of the quality of construction. Moreover, it credits the various projects with "green points" which provide you with a competitive and marketing advantage.

• There is no need for any special infrastructure, only for standard electricity!

HomiSmart's products operate on a standard electricity infrastructure. There is no need to change the infrastructure or for double power boards, installation of cumbersome and expensive cables, and so on.with HomiSmart project progress work can be much quicker and with much less investment in infrastructure help you save up to 40 % of these costs .

• Provides added value for the customer and make it easier to market any project

Thanks to the various advantages, such as: complete control and management of electricity costs and the ability to remotely power the electricity from anywhere, at any time.

• Raising environmental awareness along with monetary savings

Using the app’s ability to track power consumption on any device.


Are You a Planner / Architect?

When we developed our smart switches and outlets, we thought of everything from creating a clean, product that could be used in any office or home, both existing and new, one that will not feel alien in our home /office and will give a complete range of users the feeling of familiarity, We worked tirelessly to produce a strong and durable product that can be used for a long time and which, of course, meets the safety regulations in accordance with the European and others standards.

HomiSmart customers enjoy the ultimate user-friendly experience , along with the manual switch / outlet operation option, the experience is highlighted for them by their ability to operate the home or office via the HomiSmart app. This upgrade improves their lives on a number of additional levels, and no less importantly- helps them become greener and more environmentally friendly.

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